Arima Onsen is the only location in Hyogo prefecture where you can meet geisha.
The Japanese dance performed by geisha is subtle yet set to a story imbued with passionate emotion that will captivate all who watch it.
In addition to their dancing, one more reason for geisha's popularity is the traditional games that can be played with them during dinner parties.
Arima Onsen also offers a cafe experience where you can meet geisha and enjoy green tea with Japanese sweets.



The world of tea offers a crash course in Japanese culture. Each cup is filled with the spirit of Japan's renowned 'Omotenashi' hospitality.
In order to learn the customs, manners, and spirit of 'Omotenashi' hospitality and provide customers with the ultimate experience, our staff carefully study the world of tea.



Japanese cuisine is one element of Japan's traditional culture.
The expert techniques passed down by master chefs from generation to generation is truly an expression of deep tradition.
Our quality ingredients change according to the season and are transformed into splendid dishes through the techniques and knowledge of our master chefs.


Omotenashi Hospitality

Japan is blessed with 4 beautiful seasons. From long ago, providing guests with an experience of the seasons was Japan's greatest form of 'Omotenashi' hospitality. We at Gekkoen as well offer our guests a warm reception so that they enjoy the splendor of Japan's seasons.